Dubrovački muzeji

11.07.2015 - 10.09.2015

Traditional Architecture of Hrvatsko zagorje: a touring exhibition from the Museum of Hrvatsko zagorje

This exhibition has been devised in collaboration with the  Museum of Kumrovec Old Village.

It presents the rich architectural heritage of Hrvatsko zagorje. It tells of the structure of the village in the region of Hrvatsko zagorje, the appearance and layout of the curtilages, the living and utility buildings within the curtilage, the architectural elements, the manner in which they are ornamented, and the kinds of building material used in the construction.  Thus traditional houses built in stone rubble, stone cottages, and wooden houses, called daub cottages are featured. Also presented is the building of structures on the principles of what were known as the Croatian or the German style corner joint and the making of roofs out of rye thatch.

Exhibition created by Branka Šprem Lovrić and Tatjana Brlek