Dubrovački muzeji

24.11.2017 - 14.12.2017

Nine babas rolling on ice-memo of Konavle Christmas customs: a Touring exhibition of the Museums and Galleries of Konavle

The exhibition is a kind of reminder of Christmas customs in Konavle, which we want to keep up and reanimate. The Christmas-time merriment in Konavle was heralded from the middle of the year, counting the time in threes. It all started at the Feast of the Assumption with various preparations and works in the fields, and ended at Christmas.

All the periods of time preparing for Christmas began and ended with babas, which are "prikle" (doughnuts) of the last dough in the "kačulić" (pot) that was put into oil. Konavle "prikle" are quite a lot bigger than those of Dubrovnik. Important the while is the number 9, for the babas are fried nine times during the holiday period. 

Exhibition created by Jelena Beželj
Exhibition set up by Anita Arbulić
Exhibition illustration by Nora Mojaš

Curated for Dubrovnik Musuems by Barbara Margaretić