Dubrovački muzeji

29.12.2014 - 01.07.2015

Mad Balls and Fairs: Carnivals and Masks of the Dubrovnik Region

The exhibition was produced by the Ethnographic Museum of Dubrovnik Museums.

The exhibition is a very valuable contribution to the understanding of the intangible cultural heritage of the Dubrovnik area.  It was conceived as an integrated depiction of the tradition of masking in the Dubrovnik area, and is almost the first time that material naturally dispersed in the historical, cultural and geographic context has been shown in a single place.  The exhibition covers a span of time from the first mentions of medieval carnivals and masking in Dubrovnik until the present time, while a special emphasis is placed on the carnival tradition of the 20th century.

The conception of the exhibition was determined by the division into the typical urban and rural characteristics of carnival, and as well as the Dubrovnik veljuns and maškarats, the carnival traditions of Cavtat, Konavle, Župa, Pelješac, Lastovo, Primorje and Mljet are also presented.  Within the thematically divided sections, the masks and carnival customs of each of the areas mentioned are considered.

The set up consists of numerous photographs, original carnival costumes and reconstructions of old but completely forgotten rural masks, and also shown are contemporary carnival costumes inspired by characters from the works of Marin Držić.  The exhibition also includes a review of posters, amusing carnival-tide leaflets as well as audio-visual material.

Exhibition created by Lana Milošević Đerek and Ivica Kipre

Exhibition design by Marin Gože

Mannequins created by Tanja Baletić, Ivona Šimunović and Željko Ćatić

Musical backdrop created by Paola Dražić Zekić