Dubrovački muzeji

25.04.2015 - 15.06.2015

In the bole the dragon wroth and in the branch the peregrine: guest exhibition in the Museum "Old Village" Kumrovec

Exhibition produced by the Ethnographic Museum of Dubrovnik Museums

This exhibition presents to the general public elements of the rich intangible cultural heritage of the Dubrovnik environs contained in the popular oral poetry, lore and beliefs.  This is the first time that an integral depiction of the pre-Christian mythical concepts of the Old Slavs has been given in a single place, in concert with the lavish imaginary of vernacular mythology and ritual practices of local importance. Its programme makes the exhibition equally interesting to adult visitors and to children of pre-school and school age.

Exhibition devised by Ivica Kipre
Exhibition set up by Ivona Michl