Dubrovački muzeji


Ruđer’s  Touch

Marking Touch, the 16th museum educational workshop and the project  Ruđer Bošković in his native Dubrovnik – Croatian celebrates its genius on the occasion of the 3rd centenary of his birth, in 2011, working together with Dubrovnik preschools and elementary schools, a common educational project was launched in which over 6 months over 1500 pupils took part, either in workshops or in lectures, or guided tours to the exhibition devoted to this great Ragusan and Croatian scientist.

In Revelin Fort, lectures about Ruđer Bošković were organised, and a game of fitting together parts of the Bošković portrait kept in the Cultural History Museum.  Young painters from Luka Sorkočević Secondary Art School painted Bošković using the model of his portrait by Ivo Dulčić. High school pupils measured the volume of the holes for storing grain in the Holes granary. With children from 1a Marin Getaldić ES, we created a Ruđer’s World in the Rector’s Palace, and the well-known tourist guide Marojica Bijelić several times impersonated Bošković during the exhibition and conducted tours through the exhibition and the city, called Ruđer’s Paths.