Dubrovački muzeji

18.05.2014 - 09.07.2014

My Glass, My Passion

The exhibition was produced by Dubrovnik Museums, the Cultural History Museum

Twenty eight objects from the private collection of Marojica Bijelić were exhibited; they were chosen in such a way as to give a chronological account of creative work in glass from the mid-18th century to the Art Déco period.

The Marojica Bijelić Glass Collection, one of the very few such private collections in Croatia, holds several hundred objects  made from the 18th to the 20th century in the workshops of Bohemia, Germany, Austria, England, France, Spain and Murano in Italy.

It consists on the whole of use objects, with purely decorative items being somewhat in the minority.  More than half of them were found or bought in Dubrovnik and its immediate environs, which from the point of view of the cultural history of Dubrovnik gives the collection extra interest.

Exhibition devised by Marina Filipović

Exhibition layout and design by Ivona Michl

The exhibition was mounted in the context of International Museum Day.