Dubrovački muzeji

03.05.2018 - 27.05.2018

Dubrovnik Medals and Plaques – the Imprint of the Time: : guest exhibition in the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

The exhibition has been produced by the Cultural History Museum of Dubrovnik Museums.

The intention of this exhibition is to present a relatively large number of medals related to Dubrovnik dating from over a wide span of time, ever since the 15th century.  More than 40 makers are introduced at the exhibition, with over 200 pieces.

Some of the medals on show are from the holdings of the Cultural Historical Museum of Dubrovnik Museums, but most of them come from the private collections of numismatists Božo Lasić and Marko Šarinić, as well as from other cultural establishments, societies and individuals.

Several tens of them in a unique way present one of the more important segments of the Dubrovnik cultural heritage.  At the same time, this is a good occasion for the interested public to become acquainted with the wealth of medals devoted to persons and events related to the political, cultural, sporting and public life of Dubrovnik, Croatia and further afield.

Exhibition created by Dino Lokas
Exhibition set up by Ivona Michl