Dubrovački muzeji


Collection of Ships’ Medical and Hygienic Objects

Collection manager:
Ana Kaznačić Skurić, senior curator
e-mail: ana.kaznacic@dumus.hr

The collection comprises 81 objects that were used on Dubrovnik sailing ships during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Among the most attractive and valuable items are two ships’ medical chests: from an unknown sailing ship of the Dubrovnik Republic of the 18th century and from the Dubrovnik sailing ship Rado, belonging to the Drobac family, of the 19th century. They are also the oldest extant maritime medicine chests in the country; in good condition, they are part of the permanent display.

Along with the medical chests, also needing mention are the original objects of the harbour quarantine service from the maritime lazaretto in Dubrovnik of the early 19th century, as well as devices for testing the sight of sailors, an enema syringe and a ship’s thermometer from the 19th century.