Dubrovački muzeji

13.12.2013 - 15.01.2014

Medals of Saints - Devotional Emblems of the Inhabitants of the Convent of St Theodore in Pula

The exhibition has been produced in collaboration with the Archaeological Museum of Istria in Pula

The exhibition shows medals of saints found during research into the Benedictine Convent and Church of St Theodore in Pula. These are pendants with relief depictions on both sides, mostly with the figures of Jesus, the Virgin, the saints, miraculous images and objects and pilgrimage sites.  The believers wore them hanging from rosaries and around their necks, as symbols of faith, protection and consolation.  Even in their deaths, the deceased were not parted from these expressions of the profundity of their piety. They were made in pilgrimage sites, in monasteries, and the highest quality among them probably in the mints of Rome.  They are dated to the 17th and 18th centuries. Today these objects have value from the point of view of cultural studies and are objects not to be ignored in studies of the complexity of living in a given area.

Exhibition is created by Ondina Krnjak