Dubrovački muzeji

19.12.2014 - 25.03.2015

Imperial Roman Coins

The exhibition was produced by the Archaeological Museum of Dubrovnik Museums.

It presents examples of imperial Roman coins from the holdings of the Museum from the founding of the Empire under Augustus to examples of the coins of Emperor Valentinian III of the end of the 3rd century.  In all there are 52 specimens, 48 of which are treated in the catalogue, and arranged in order of minting, from a silver denarius of Augustus to a majorina of Valentinian.

The numismatic material of the Archaeological Museum has not previously been treated systematically or given the attention it deserves for the Collection was formed only recently. It consists of a smaller number of Greek, Hellenistic and Roman republican coins, as well as coins of the kings and princes of Illyria, as well as a few specimens of early medieval duchies and city states of the neighbouring Italian peninsula.

The Romans used their coins not only to facilitate trade but also as a means of state propaganda. They were the easiest and fastest way of propagandising the figure of the emperor, his works and exploits, as can easily be gathered from the exhibition.

Exhibition created by Darko Milošević

Exhibition design by Ivona Michl

The exhibition catalogue is available in the museum shop of Dubrovnik Museums.