Dubrovački muzeji

27.03.2015 - 30.04.2015

Ancient Siculi: a Touring Exhibition from the Kaštela City Museum

This exhibition was produced in collaboration with the Archaeological Department of Kaštela City Museum.

The various thematic units presented the results of the research into the site called Rsenik, by Kaštel Štafilić.  This is the only ancient settlement in Kaštela the ancient name of which, Siculi, has survived.  It was founded in the 2nd century BC and developed in two phases, becoming defunct in the 5th century AD, during the time of the Great Migrations. It was built according to plan, for the grid of the city discovered reveals the regular ground plan with its main street, the blocks of houses and the streets between them. Also found was the defensive city wall that enclosed the settlement. In the 1st century AD veterans colonised the area, and the new settlement went against the old grid, it expanded outside the ramparts, a new jetty was built, and in the plain villae rusticae sprang up.

The rich and diverse finds of pottery, weaponry, jewellery and coins found in the houses and the two necropolises tell of the everyday life of the inhabitants.

Ivanka Kamenjarin and Ivan Šuta, who created the exhibition, were awarded for the project the Josip Brunšmid Prize of the Croatian Archaeological Association for contributions to the archaeology of the area of Croatia.

Exhibition created by Ivanka Kamenjarin and Ivan Šuta.