Dubrovački muzeji

09.03.2018 - 08.04.2018

Anamnesis – Medical History in the Ancient World: a touring exhibition of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

The exhibition has been produced in collaboration with the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

The Zagreb Archaeological Museum has one of the biggest collections of ancient medical instruments in Europe, found, largely, in Sisak.  Shown alongside these objects are ancient deities related to healing, medicinal plants, the ways in which they are collected and stored, and the making of therapeutic preparations. The invasive operations reconstructed from the archaeological finds are shown as the last step in treatment.

The exhibition also commemorates the centenary of the founding of the Medical Faculty in Zagreb and the 35th anniversary of the first publication of the Collection of Roman Medical and Pharmaceutical Instruments from Sisak.

Exhibition created by:Slađana Latinović, Sunčica Nagradić Habus and Danijel Lončar

Dubrovnik exhibition curated by: Liljana Kovačić